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CANADA Master Franchisee – Jeff & Barb Cooke

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CANADA Master Franchisee – Jeff & Barb Cooke

CANADA Master Franchisee – Jeff & Barb Cooke

Jeff and Barb Cooke are the head trainers of Bark Busters Canada. Jeff is originally from Toronto and Barb from Kalamazoo, Michigan. After they were married they moved to Australia and fell in love with Bark Busters. It began with their little Australian Terrier which had a problem with incessant barking at the neighbour, so Who ya gonna call? – Bark Busters. Barb and Jeff were so impressed with the training and service, they decided this was an organization they needed to be a part of. They trained in Australia under Sylvia and Danny Wilson, the founders of Bark Busters and ran a successful franchise in Northern Sydney for many years.

During that time they helped thousands of dogs and families live with greater happiness and understanding of each other. They earned the title of Grand Master Trainer and are now two of Bark Busters’ most experienced trainers. Barb and Jeff are both passionate about the welfare of dogs. They thrive on the challenges the tougher cases present and never give up on a dog when others might. Because of their experience and enthusiasm, Barb and Jeff were selected to bring Bark Busters to Canada. Operations began in September 2003 and the response so far has been fantastic. They are both excited to bring Bark Busters’ highly effective techniques to misunderstood dogs and their owners in Canada, because Canadian dogs deserve the best!

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