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AUSTRALIA Master Franchisee – Val and Bryan Edwards

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AUSTRALIA Master Franchisee – Val and Bryan Edwards

AUSTRALIA Master Franchisee – Val and Bryan Edwards

Val and Bryan Edwards are the Master Franchise owners of Bark Busters Australia. They are two of Bark Busters’ most experienced trainers and have won numerous awards for their work. Both have attained the title of Grand Master Trainer and between them they have rehabilitated thousands of dogs. They personally train and support all Australian therapists. They are the classic case of always looking for new challenges and are now saying to people, “we loved the Company so much we bought it”. Val and Bryan bought the Australian Master Franchise in January 2006 which has now allowed Sylvia and Danny to concentrate on expanding Bark Busters to the rest of the world.

Their passion is as contagious today as it was the day they joined the Bark Busters family. They are both passionate about the welfare of dogs and work long hours to rehabilitate dogs with all kinds of problems, but especially the dogs that many others give up on. Val and Bryan joined Bark Busters in 1999 when the Illawarra and Southern Highlands area came up for sale. They jumped at the chance for a new lifestyle and joined the Bark Busters family. Educating people to get their dogs using their brain by talking to them in ‘dog language’, using voice tones and body language to achieve immediate results without using harsh or physical methods PLUS the satisfaction of helping lots of frustrated dog owners was perfect for them. They were soon the highest achievers within Bark Busters Australia winning many major awards within their very first year of operating, and never looked back. They had found their passion, working with dogs. What soon followed was not only helping clients with their dogs but also helping Danny and Sylvia Wilson at Head Office train new Bark Busters from all over the world. Bryan became the National Manager of Australia and New Zealand, and they watched Bark Busters grow with excitement as it rapidly turned into an International Company. Bark Busters has now trained well over 300,000 dogs worldwide.

All therapists follow Val and Bryan’s example of giving their time freely to help any dog shelter and they go to primary schools to help educate children how to behave around dogs and not get bitten. They also conduct Stand Right No Bite courses for adults in the corporate world.

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