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AUSTRALIA & NEW ZEALAND Master Franchisees – Danny & Sylvia

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AUSTRALIA & NEW ZEALAND Master Franchisees – Danny & Sylvia

AUSTRALIA & NEW ZEALAND Master Franchisees – Danny & Sylvia

Bark Busters was founded in Australia over 30 years ago by Sylvia and Danny Wilson, both expert dog trainers. During her 10 years managing an RSPCA shelter, Sylvia would observe and analyse the behaviour and communication methods of the hundreds of dogs that came into the shelter. Saddened that so many dogs were abandoned or euthanised for behavioural issues, Sylvia knew these problems stemmed from a lack of consistent leadership. She also knew that she could help resolve them.

Thus the Bark Busters method was born. This highly effective method is based on unique, natural, dog-friendly training techniques, as described in Sylvia and Danny’s numerous books that have been published.

Bark Busters teaches dog owners about the canine psyche and how to train dogs using voice control and body language, with the goal of putting the owner in control through effective leadership.

Today, the Bark Busters training method has been used to train more dogs worldwide than any other method – and hence has saved countless dogs’ lives.

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