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26 July 2006: Kids and Dogs (Brisbane Extra)

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26 July 2006: Kids and Dogs (Brisbane Extra)

26 JULY 2006 Brisbane Extra, Channel 9 (QLD)
Kids and Dogs

Reports of dog attacks involving children are always heartbreaking but there are things parents can do to help prevent them.

With family pets, Naomi Secome from Barkbusters says it’s important to get rid of bad habits when dogs are young.

But even with the most trustworthy of pets, she says children under the age of 12 to never be left alone with a dog especially when feeding.

Selena Reid is an animal handler at the RSPCA, and helps out in running one of their K-9 safety programs for primary and secondary school kids.

She says children don’t have to be scared of dogs but learn respect. When patting a dog, the safest place, is under the its chin or side of its neck.

If  an aggressive one does approach you the best response is to freeze. But, if the dog isn’t deterred, drop to the ground and roll into a ball.

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