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03/01/07 Bark Busters Greg Kleva Selected to Host Radio Show

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03/01/07 Bark Busters Greg Kleva Selected to Host Radio Show

Martha Stewart Living Selects Bark Busters Expert to Host Weekly Dog Show on Satellite Radio

  • On “It’s A Dog’s Life,” Greg Kleva Helps Owners Understand Dog Behavior and Training to Promote Better Relationships with Their Canine Companions
  • Greg Kleva with Clementine  Martha Stewart Living Radio has selected Greg Kleva, a dog expert from Bark Busters, the world’s largest dog-training company, to host a weekly radio show on the Sirius Satellite Network.
    Kleva, a Bark Busters dog behavioral therapist and master trainer, hosts “It’s A Dog’s Life” every Thursday at 8 p.m. Eastern time on Sirius, Channel 112.  During the one-hour call-in show, Kleva shares his expertise and advice with worldwide listeners.

    • “It’s an honor to be chosen and affiliated with Martha Stewart, an animal lover herself, and to be representing my Bark Busters colleagues around the world on this weekly radio show,” Kleva said.
      “My goal as host of the show is to provide information that helps listeners understand the principles of dog behavior and training, so their dogs can become the perfect, loving companions they dreamed about having.”
  • Kleva’s show often parallels themes from Martha Stewart Living. During gardening week, for instance, Kleva and his audience talked about digging and improving unwanted dog behaviors in the yard. During spring cleaning week, the show addressed how to desensitize dogs to the grooming process. Other shows have addressed specific behavior issues such as separation anxiety, sibling rivalry and leadership.
    • “Greg is an accomplished dog therapist, making him an excellent choice for host of this show. He’s doing a terrific job helping dog owners better understand the canine psyche and promoting responsible ownership to enhance the human-canine bond and reduce the possibility of abuse and euthanasia of companion dogs,” said Liam Crowe, Bark Busters COO and master dog behavioral therapist. “Already, dog behavioral therapists throughout the Bark Busters global network are getting calls from listeners to Greg’s show who want to learn more about training their dogs the Bark Busters way.”
  • Kleva, who lives in northern New Jersey with his wife and two dogs, joined Bark Busters in 2003. Bolstered by his lifelong love of dogs and the study of animal behavior, Greg focuses his training on motivational communication therapy, emphasizing dogs’ natural instincts, body language and simple tones. Prior to making the decision to work with dogs full time, Kleva spent 13 years as Wall Street stockbroker.
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