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TAIWAN Master Franchisee – Kevin and Casper Sung

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TAIWAN Master Franchisee – Kevin and Casper Sung

TAIWAN Master Franchisee – Kevin and Casper Sung

We’ve always grown up having dogs around us at home. We found Bark Busters in the yellow pages when we were in Sydney and that’s when we had a cattle dog and a British Staffordshire Terrier destroying our rental property. We were Bark Busters Clients in Sydney about 8 years ago. We were suprised at how fast BB trained our dogs and solved our dogs behaviour problems using their unique method. We thought of bringing Bark Busters to Taiwan because Bark Busters has a unique way of training dogs and most of all provide great customer satisfaction. BB teaches the owner how to communicate with their dog through leadership, using body language and voice control. We thought that the BB training method would be very good for Taiwan, to help the people here with their misbehaving dogs. Taiwan has a lot of apartments and has very limited space for the dogs and their owners. The commonly used methods to train dogs in Taiwan would often be found to be inhumane in other countries. Because of this situation it causes people to adandone or abuse their misbehaving dogs. It is a very sad situation.

We decided to join Bark Busters and bring their wonderful training approach to Taiwan, to help dogs and dog owners establish a better relationship between dogs and owners in their own home. Also, hoping we could help build a safer society and a happier one for dogs and dog owners in Taiwan.

We enjoy working with canines and helping out in gaining a humane and satisfying relationship for the dog and the dog’s owner. We love going to lessons and seeing how fast we solve the dogs behavioural problems. We also get a great deal of satisfaction from seeing the reactions from the dog owners when they see their dogs are well behaved, knowing the dog is able to stay with the family and doesn’t have to be tied up, locked away or given up for some curable bad behavior problems.

We were trained in Sydney, Dapto by Donna Ryan who has amazing dog handling skills. Joining Bark Busters is like joining a big family. Danny and Sylvia Wilson, the founders of Bark Busters Home Dog Training are two great people who know how to talk the Canine language very well. They have showed us that whenever help is needed at Bark Busters Taiwan, they are only a phone call or just a flight away and they will be here helping us with our business. The Wilsons helped us to establish a business which is second to none in Taiwan. We love working with the Wilsons and believe in their dream of continuing to develop Bark Busters around the world.

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