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NEW ZEALAND  Master Franchisee – Mike and Maria Blatch

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NEW ZEALAND Master Franchisee – Mike and Maria Blatch

NEW ZEALAND  Master Franchisee – Mike and Maria Blatch

Our dog was eating our house, the deck, the French doors, 3 lounge suites, you name it, it was all chewed & we were beside ourselves. We thought we had no other choice but to put her down, so we booked her in at the vets. At the eleventh hour a trainer from Bark Busters saved our dog’s life & gave us back a more enjoyable happier pet. She was never going to be perfect but she was more manageable & we had the control & our life back.

We looked into Bark Busters as a business for us the down track. Mike was due to get out of the navy & we were looking for something else to do after that. We were impressed with the techniques & the lifestyle the business offered. For some months we did our homework on the business, talked to our accountant, Bark Busters Therapists, clients etc. Then we had a chance to meet & listen to Danny & Sylvia Wilson. They were so passionate about the methods they taught, they way things worked, the people in their business that it became apparent that this was a great company and family to belong to. We were completely driven & passionate to be part of this as well & were ready to buy a franchise. What the heck, we were just average Joe people who loved dogs & had never owned a business before. I mean, we were planning a move to a different part of the country, changing our childrens’ schools, ending a 20 year life in the NZ Navy, why not buy a business as well?? Were we mad? Probably. But the passion we saw in Danny & Sylvia & all the other therapists we met was too good to miss out on. The amazing knowledge of these people, the empowerment they gave to clients & that Danny & Sylvia give to us all made you hungry to learn more & be a part of it.

So……we bought the master franchise and haven’t looked back. Five years down track we are still as passionate as ever about what we are doing. We plan to carry this on into our old age because we can!

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