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FRANCE & BELGIUM Master Franchisee – Liz Nishimura & Yves Legare

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FRANCE & BELGIUM Master Franchisee – Liz Nishimura & Yves Legare

FRANCE & BELGIUM Master Franchisee – Liz Nishimura & Yves Legare

Why Liz and Yves became Bark Busters Master Franchisors for France and Belgium.

Before Bark Busters, Yves worked in Information Technology for a national printing company in Canada. With his computer knowledge, business management training and accounting skills he knew there was something out there more suited to his talents. Working for someone else was not it. He wanted to run his own business and with Liz working alongside him he knew they would make a successful team. Along came Bark Busters in the form of a TV story. Liz only caught the tail end of the show and saw how Bark Busters training transformed the love/hate relationship between a dog and his owner to mutual love/respect. Ever since childhood she had wanted to learn how to create this relationship between dog and owner. Reading books and watching training videos presented too many conflicting approaches. With her degree in psychology, she knew the way was through understanding dog behaviour. Bark Busters promised to provide this knowledge.

Interestingly, Yves originally was going to stay in the background and leave Liz to do the training. He would run the rest of the business. But after the first day of training under Jeff and Barb Cooke, Master Franchisors for Canada, Yves was transformed. Attending his first lesson, he witnessed how profoundly, through Bark Busters training, one can improve the behaviour of a dog and empower the owner so that both can have a calmer, happier life together. Yves was hooked. So in the fall of 2004, Bark Busters Calgary opened for business. In 3 short years, Liz and Yves trained over 1200 dogs and their families the Bark Busters way. They are passionate about what they do and have brought their passion to CBC Radio with a popular local advice show. Calgarians love their dogs and through Liz and Yves, Bark Busters has become synonymous with humane, dog friendly and effective training. Sylvia and Danny Wilson, the co-founders of Bark Busters, bring humanity to the way they run their business and it permeates every aspect of Bark Busters. Never losing sight of the goal to save every dog possible, their involvement is tireless and honours the best qualities in people. This approach has created a legion of loyal franchisees who, in their own right have created a loyal following of dog owners who sing the praises of Bark Busters training around the world. And now Sylvia and Danny have chosen Yves and Liz to expand the Bark Buster world into France and Belgium. Why France? Well it’s a natural choice. Yves French heritage gives him the advantage to bring Bark Busters training to French dogs and their owners too. Many Bark Busters can relate to the pioneering spirit required to open up new territories, to develop a business which never existed before. Yves’ and Liz’s track record in Calgary stands them in good stead for successfully bringing Bark Busters, the world’s most trusted home dog training company to the dogs of France and Belgium.

They deserve the best.

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