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Yumi Nozawa – Leader of The Pack – Japan 2007-2008

Leader of the pack award

Yumi Nozawa – Leader of The Pack – Japan 2007-2008

Yumi Nozawa – Leader of The Pack – Japan 2007-2008

It has been nearly two years since Yumi Nozawa started Bark Busters. From the moment she started she enjoyed her lessons with a passion. Sometimes when she visits a difficult client she gets a little down but due to her bright personality she soon returns to her enthusiastic self. The source of her energy comes from the clients and dogs she visits. One such client had a Chihuahua that always looked anxious and uneasy. It barked at any kind of noise. The owner was at a loss to know what to do about the nuisance barking. When the client saw Bark Buster’s website she thought this was her last chance. The client now says that in hindsight she absolutely made the right decision to call Bark Busters. In an email to Yumi the client wrote,

“I released the dog from the pressure of trying to be the leader of the pack and I released myself from stress as well. I am enjoying my life and being happy everyday. I hope my dog is feeling happy as well. But I can see in the training when I give the dog commands, the dog looks very happy. So I know he is very happy too. I can’t express myself well but the relationship between my family and my dog has become so much better”.

This client not only wrote about her dog but also sent a message to Yumi, “I am sure that you will have a lot of difficulties and tough situations in your job but. I hope that you will continue. I can’t stop wishing from the bottom of my heart that you help as many dogs and their owners as possible”. The client’s last comment was, “I couldn’t stop myself from telling you how happy I am from watching my dog’s facial expression getting calmer and calmer”. There is no-one else but Yumi Nozawa in Bark Busters Japan who can make a client like this a big fan of hers and also a big fan of Bark Busters.

Yumi Nozawa is Japan’s first franchisee. Her personal drive and enthusiasm has meant that many households with dogs are now correctly balanced and happy. She is now helping to mentor our newer franchisees. Yumi is a deserving Leader of the pack award winner for 2007-2008.

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