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Wow, what an honour to be named Master Franchisee of the year.

Leader of the pack award

Wow, what an honour to be named Master Franchisee of the year.

Wow, what an honour to be named Master Franchisee of the year.

We joined Bark Busters in October 1999 and from the word go we just loved the new direction and exciting path our lives had taken. We had found a passion we did not even know existed within us.
When Sylvia and Danny gave us the opportunity to realise a dream we both had, that was to actually own the Master Franchise of Australia, we grabbed the opportunity with both hands.

Through our lives we are all asked “what or where would you like to be in 5 or 10 years” we always answered with, “to be the owners of Bark Buster Australia.” In my past life I always asked this question when I interviewed new staff to gauge their passion and drive. We knew we had the passion and drive to make our Australian Master Franchise successful, so we embarked on a journey to grow our business and reward our franchise owners for their part in our journey which resulted in a 22% growth in our first year.

We have had to learn many new skills along the way, Val is now a mentor for new business women and a TV star and I have had to learn the skills of how to be interviewed on radio, funny, I get to be on radio and Val gets to go on TV.

Seriously, to be rewarded like this for simply doing what you love is awesome and we feel humbled as we are in the company of some fantastic people, and to be honest, we have both learned a great deal from them along with Sylvia and Danny, who without their help our dream would still be “just a dream”.

We must also thank our wonderful Franchise owners for their support and not forgetting our awesome staff, the engine room of our business, we share this award with you because without you our business would not be where it is today.

Val and Bryan Edwards

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